That flushing sound you hear is the Trump administration trying to shove transgender rights down the tubes.

Elections have consequences. And it turns out that one of those consequences is where you can or can’t pee. Thanks to 46 percent of the American electorate, that decision is now being made for us by a TINY ORANGE-FINGERED TROLL.

On Monday, March 6, the Supreme Court announced that it would not hear a major case on transgender rights–about whether schools could prohibit transgender youths from using the bathroom for their gender identity. That case, brought by a transgender boy named Gavin Grimm in Virginia who was denied the right to use the boys room by the school district, was set to be a landmark case in LGBQT rights. An appeals court had already ruled in Gavin’s favor.


In a single sentence, the Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal of the case, and set aside the lower court’s decision for Gavin Grimm. Their hand had been forced by the Trump administration, whose tiny Cheeto-dust fingerprints were all over this.

Last month, Trump rescinded orders from Obama’s Department of Education (the DOE before it was taken over by Trump’s Balrog Betsy DeVos) that said schools “generally must treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity” and threatened to withhold federal funds from schools that discriminated against transgender kids. That change in stance forced SCOTUS to reject the case and vacate the lower court order.

So now that Trump has pulled the bathroom rug out from under the LGBQT community, Gavin’s case goes back to the lower court–without the support of the White House that he enjoyed with Obama.  
This is just the beginning of an attempt to rollback rights for LGBQT folks, women, minorities, and others under Trump. It’s only fitting that the restroom is where shit got real.