Well we made it through another work week! And everything is still terrible! But at least it’s Friday. 

Guttmacher Institute just released a new study about how Texas being forced to close their clinics by the FIFTH CIRCUIT SEA MONSTERS has caused some people to have to travel more than 240 miles. JESUS CHRIST! Guess what no one wants to do EVER but especially now? Spend like 4 hours driving each way to get healthcare.

There are so many businesses and services that are in danger of going away because of coronavirus. And abortion is one of them! Abortion clinics have spent years being harassed by politicians AND sidewalk screamers. They’ve seen regulation after regulation pass against them. And guess what… no, in this time, how ridiculous those regulations are becomes more and more apparent. Even as a casual observer you have to realize that having to travel 100 miles (let’s say), then having to WAIT 3 days to come back… is NOT how anyone should have to receive their healthcare.

We’re working with clinics nonstop in this time to try to make sure they have enough supplies and support to help people  get an abortion. There’s so much going on now, but the need for abortion care will never stop. So we NEED to act now. And again, we want to remind you that focusing on ONE important thing to stress about, to take action in, honestly feels great. It’s a great way to FOCUS all that anxiety you’ve been feeling and channel it for good. 

Right now, like everywhere, clinics need more handmade masks. They need Uber and gas gift cards to give to patients who have to travel so much farther. If you are looking to volunteer or help out we, we cannot stress this enough, have something you can DO NOW TO HELP! Just email our volunteer coordinator: Anna@aafront.org.

And if you don’t have time for that but do want to show you care, consider printing and sending a “Thank Bank” postcard. Clinic workers are working so hardcore now and we want to do everything possible to help keep them in good spirits.  

Remember that you can do a good thing now, from home. And it will make you feel instantly better. 

And also may we suggest a movie tonight! We were so excited to support Never Rarely Sometimes Always in theaters, but tonight you can do the next best thing by watching it STREAMING! This movie tells the harrowing and all-too-common story of a minor seeking an abortion and all the obstacles she has to overcome to get one. And that was how it was BEFORE a NATIONAL PANDEMIC! Watch and tell us what you think!