We see abortion rights as sort of a crumbling house with a rocky foundation. We love Roe, but Roe is imperfect, and it’s written to allow these little termites to just burrow all kinds of holes in it. And we can just only imagine Brett Kavanaugh coming in with a sledgehammer and knocking out a load-bearing wall, against its will probably. The New Republic has a great breakdown of some cases that Brett Kavanaugh can get his sticky-beer-covered fingers all over next year. Yep those scary laws we’ve been railing against in these blogs day after day… well they’re just gonna go up and up unless someone can stop them.

So we’re gearing up to fight, harder than before, because this crumbling house is worth protecting. And dammit, we want to be able to like, paint it and make it look nice! But then the governor in FUCKING CALIFORNIA vetoes a bill that would give students abortion pills on campus. And it’s like “Wow, so you’re fine with this crumbling house, then!!??!”

So it’s time to grab your army boots (or a nice flat you can do a lot of walking in) and gear up for the fight. As hard as we’ve been going, we’re gonna need you to go harder. As many times as you’ve called your senator, we’re gonna need you to call MORE… or GO IN PERSON! Cuz we’re gonna win this fight, and you’re gonna help!

Also we’re just gonna add this every day because you all should know but like, maybe you had a lot on your plate and it’s fallen to the bottom of the to do list but… omg omg omg please please please VOTE!