OK do you ever read something by a professor at a school SO bad that you are like “I am embarrassed for everyone who has ever gone to this university!”? Cuz, oh boy, we’ve got a doozy for you today.

Well first of all, Vox is doing this series that’s like “What do you think will be considered unthinkable in 50 years?” And … idk y’all, if we don’t get climate change under control soon maybe like, drinking tap water without boiling it? Breathing the air outside?

And also we … legit think it’s reprehensible to hypothetically consider a MORAL argument against abortion (or for it) that COMPLETELY excludes the experience of the person CARRYING THE FETUS. Like… you can’t just ignore the things that are inconvenient to your argument! You’d never get tenure this way!

Anyway Vox published a hilariously tonedeaf article called “Abortion will be considered unthinkable 50 years from now.” UGHHHHHHHH! And it mentions that the number of doctors performing abortions has decreased. HEY THIS IS NOT BECAUSE OF A FUCKING MORAL ISSUE …  it’s because people threaten their fucking lives all the time and have killed them. Maybe don’t like harass people into submission and then use that as proof that your side is winning.

This article is so poorly written and argued that again, we are embarrassed that this person teaches somewhere.

“Nothing marks the progress of any society more than the expansion of human rights to those who formerly lacked them. I believe that if such progress is to continue, prenatal human beings will be included in this group, and we will consider elective abortion primitive and cruel in the future.”

OK so again, we hate to just IGNORE the women and pregnant people carrying the fetus… but let’s focus on the fetuses (lol the new name of an anti-abortion group, coming soon) for a second here. Anti-abortion people legit, just think the fetus is a fully formed baby from day one. They like to point out certain stages of development as signs of life (“well if it has fingernails, it is DEF a person and deserves rights”). And like… anti-abortion creeps want the burden of all the things that can go wrong with a pregnancy to be on someone else. They want the world to exist as a beautiful world of fresh, new healthy babies who never worry about anything. And that’s… why they stop caring about babies as soon as they’re born.

They just want the image of a mother holding a healthy baby, and that’s it, the end of the story.

But even at 6 weeks, a fetus can start changing, something can go wrong. Our bodies betray us all the time and when you’re gestating well… OH BOY there are a lot of devastating ways in which a fetus that was once healthy can become nonviable. And frankly, all the moral debates about abortion completely ignore that. They act like very baby is guaranteed a good life full of health and prosperity. But that’s obviously NOT always the case. And it’s cruel to ALL fetuses to argue that each has the same experience (ugh we hate talking like this… but I mean… follow their argument to its conclusion. They’re acting like a woman hasn’t EVER gone to her 6-week or 10-week or 12-week appointment and suddenly there’s no heartbeat, suddenly there’s terrible news).

THE REAL CRUELTY is to ignore REALITY in service of your bullshit, insincere, preaching.