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Democracy was dead, to begin with. Well, not dead so much as severely beaten down by years of neglect. You see, voter suppression was at an all-time high, and even in places where our side won, it felt, increasingly, like we had lost.

And so three ghosts came to all the anti-choice politicians one holiday season and asked them, to please have some empathy. And they’re ghosts and they can work fast in one night but… it didn’t stick. And Roe was still barely hanging on.

So we could try that whole ghost gambit again. Maybe it’ll work the 700th time. Or you could just donate to Lady Parts Justice League. Cuz we won’t just visit these shitty anti-choicers one night a year, we’ll be at their office, we’ll call their office, we’ll send emails, we’ll protest, and most importantly, we’ll ruthlessly mock them when they step out of line.

So donate to LPJL this holiday season! And know your money will go towards us traveling to clinics, protesting fake clinics, and fighting for safe and affordable abortion access!