For some end of year content we’ve been going over all the news stories for the year (not great, not great fam) and one thing we can’t get over is… just how violent the anti-abortion movement is. I mean, we’ve known this, we always know this, but it is so effing disheartening. Having to read a new story about the Planned Parenthood shooter case in December, sucks. No other way to put it. 

And then today we got this article “Abortionists Should Be Executed For ‘Committing Mass Murder,’ Says Ex-GOP Gubernatorial Candidate.” JESUS CHRIST!!! This man ran for GOVERNOR. And the thing is, we think it is OVERLY generous to say that he is a fringe anti-abortion extremist. They all hate pregnant people. They all hate abortion providers.They’re instigators, it’s so much of what they do. And then they’ll just be like “Well I didn’t DIRECTLY say this SOOOOOOO…” But… we gotta call them out on this shit every time and not take it as fringe. Because THIS DUDE RAN FOR GOVERNOR!!!

You know how we found out that guy who assaulted the tv anchor on air while running a marathon was a youth pastor and it was like “Yes, that makes sense.” That’s how we feel about this. These people who incite violence are running churches and holding office. These people who argue that people who have abortion should be hung… they get jobs at the Atlantic. If they argue that birth control is a moral wrong, they’re getting lifetime judicial appointments. This is NOT normal but … they are all too common. 

But we don’t want y’all to only feel darkness today so let’s leave you with this “Phil Robertson: What if Mary had aborted Jesus?” Y’all… WHAT? It’s funny to start the year with Ben Shapiro saying he wouldn’t abort baby Hitler and end it with someone saying what if baby Jesus had been aborted. Kinda seems like… y’all just wanna ask this question for everyone? Want us to give you yes or no answers on if we think people should’ve been aborted?? Jk jk, we’d obvs never do that. But truly like, OK as someone who used to be religious… this just seems like a fundamental, dark misreading of the STORY OF CHRISTMAS! Y’ALL CARE SO MUCH ABOUT CHRISTMAS. 

Anyway, happy holidays, y’all! Anti-abortion violence is increasing and we have to protect our clinics!