Sometimes there is a voice saying all the things that have been boiling up inside you for years… Sometimes you log onto Facebook to see a viral video of a woman who has had it up to here with dudes rubbing their dicks on the train… Sometimes you believe in superheroes… We here at Lady Parts Justice League would like to give a round of applause to Deanna G Carter.

If you haven’t yet had the incredible opportunity to watch Deanna in action please take a moment to see/hear and feel this mighty moment. The video captures Deanna masterfully schooling a man who has been touching his penis on a NYC subway and covering it up with a backpack. The man is caught shocked, doesn't deny anything (because he clearly knows he's been busted) and gets up to leave when she tells him to (even if it isn’t his stop). FUCKING MAGICAL.

For all of us who have been rained on by dicks on the train, for those of us who are tired of strangers rubbing up against us and acting like nothing is happening, this video is a cool dive into a waterfall of awesome!

Some of our favorite quotes include “You wanna rub your dick bitch? Ya rub your dick when you get off this motherfuckin' train. Do we fucking understand each other?!” She then gets him to agree with her “Say ‘I understand you miss’…” LIKE A BOSS! And, the power closer “…You got the right one honey ‘cause I’m a crazy bitch. Please believe me. Get the fuck off the train.” !!!!!

May we find the Deanna in all of us. We don’t have to take these dicks on the train anymore; we can tell them to get the fuck off. Ms. Carter is the hero we are looking for AND the hero we deserve! ROCK. STAR. Please believe us! Standing ovation.