OK y’all, this is that scary time where a lot of plans get made by anti-aboriton orcs and bills creep along and it’s like “approved in committee” and you watch and then suddenly it’s like “THE SENATE APPROVED IT NOW” and you scream “AHHHHHH!” like you’re watching a horror movie. A horror movie that is real life. So we’re gonna go over some of the horror shows we’ve been watching and some new ones that have popped up like a zit to ruin your prom: 

  • Let’s start in Utah!  A new bill wants to require doctors to play the “heartbeat” of the fetus, describe it in detail, describe where it’s at in the body, and show it to the patient. The patient can look away. These bills… literally are useless. There’s no reason for them. I can’t think of a single positive reason this could be helpful to anyone. These politicians are just explicitly saying “We want to CAPITALIZE on shame to shame people into feeling bad about making the best decision for them and we want the DOCTOR to do it!” It’s disgusting. 
  • Florida’s “parental consent” bill passed the Senate and is expected to pass the House today. We’ve been watching this one for a while and it’s another example of how blatantly, hideously anti-abortion people REFUSE to empathize with anyone. They already have a parental notification law. THE CRUELTY IS THE POINT HERE! 

OK speaking of the cruelty is the point, we want to commend Rewire and Vox for writing two great articles today about how fucked up all this anti-abortion nonsense is.

  • First Rewire’s article by Paige Alexandria (a clinic counselor) about how doctors are forced to lie to patients during mandatory counseling. Honestly, the free speech brigade bitches and moans about not being able to scream within 14 instead of 15 feet of a clinic, but oh boy, we should be yelling EVERY DAY that BY LAW doctors are required to lie to their patients about the effects of an abortion. It’s disgusting. Like, in what world should a doctor HAVE to tell patients that abortion could affect future fertility. JUST TO SCARE THEM! DON’T MAKE DOCTORS DO THIS! 

Louisiana is the site of the biggest SCOTUS case for reproductive rights in … 4 years since an identical was already fucking decided in our favor! And Vox went to an Hope Medical Group for Women in Louisiana to show how effing hard it is to get access. This article is EXHAUSTIVE. And by EXHAUSTIVE we mean… a huge bummer! But it did just make us go “Man, abortion providers are the best.” If anyone reads this article about how hard abortion providers work and how compassionate they are and how much SHIT they have to go through and doesn’t immediately think “WE NEED TO PROTECT THEM AT ALL COST!” … then we don’t know what to tell you!