OKey dokey well we’re gonna do something we rarely (read: often) do here and spend today going after SUPPOSED Democrats.

First again we wanna say: New Mexico Democrats, grow a fucking backbone and PROTECT your constituents.

Next up.. OHIO DEMOCRATS! Here’s the thing, this whole “Born Alive Survivors Edge of Extinction: Electric Bugaloo” trap is… so transparent. Like, literally an old timey-cartoons trap set by Tom of Tom and Jerry or whatever one was the cat, we won’t look it up. The Republicans are disingenuously proposing these outrage bills that are ALREADY LAWS so that later they can be like “Well, Democrats VOTED that infanticide shouldn’t be DOUBLE illegal so…” And we agree, it sucks. But you cannot just be like “Whatever we’ll just vote for it because it means nothing.” WHICH IS WHAT OHIO DID! Because even though the bill is essentially useless, what it stands for is anti-choice PROPAGANDA. And we cannot vote for that.

So finally, we get to Beto O’Rouke who is really just a stand in for every Democrat running in 2020. When asked about third-trimester abortion he answered: “And my answer to you is, that should be a decision that the woman makes. I trust her.” OK so, not A TERRIBLE answer, my man. But not a complete one. So we’d just like offer this note to all Democratic nominees:

Learn what the anti-choicers are going after and LEARN what procedures they are talking about. The bitch asking him a question said something COMPLETELY FALSE. She argued that third-trimester abortions are never medically necessary. And to this… we just say… how fucking dare you. How fucking dare you be so single-minded focused on ending abortion that you DON’T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE that a fetus can KILL THE WOMAN carrying it or idk… it’s heart can stop beating (something you pretend to care so fucking much about) and then then woman has to either have it JUST IN HER BODY or taken out (seems PRETTY MEDICALLY NECESSARY THEN!).

But also, while we love being pro-choice and we think everyone has a right to a choice… Beto, my man, in this case a lot of people aren’t MAKING A CHOICE in the same sense that they are… making a decision. Gah, we know that’s semantics, but … anti-abortion nuts want it to seem like people are just one day waking up and being like “OK, now I want an abortion.” BUt that’s NOT the case. So LEARN WHAT THE CASE IS. And BE PREPARED TO COUNTER ALL THEIR GARBAGE TALKING POINTS!

Cuz they are gonna come hard and fast. And the idiots who vote for ANYONE just because they refuse to read an article, will see the headlines!