We needed a good laugh after the … years and years onslaught of news about the erosion of reproductive rights. And that came to us in the New York Times referring to the anti-abortion movements approach to ending abortion rights as “sophisticated.” HAHAHAHHAAHAHA 

OK, to be fair the Times was referring to one approach of being anti-abortion, but still, we just love to think of the anti-abortion trolls going to their playbook of basic lies and exagerations and blatant speculation and after wiping off the spilled apple juice saying “Ah, look at this genius!” 

They are NOT nuanced! We are nuanced … and it always fucks us over. Nuanced is acknowledging that some people feel differently about their abortion (although, very few regret it) while they yell that everyone who has an abortion wants a do-over forever! Also their dumbass approach to “stopping abortion” is NOT sophisticated. It’s throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what works. It’s a bunch of monkeys at the zoo. It’s what brought us “OK, we tried to ban at 15 weeks and got denied, let’s try to ban at 6 weeks!” AND IT SOMETIMES WORKS, BECAUSE WE LIVE IN THE STUPIDEST TIMELINE!

And then we get to this great, compelling, devastating, nuanced for real, article by Dahlia Lithwick about a new “strategy” the orcs are using called “JUST SAY ALL ABORTION DOCTORS ARE BAD AND BACK IT UP WITH YOUR OWN HATRED AND NO FACTS!” 

You see in June v. Russo last week the Louisiana state team tried to argue that providers shouldn’t be able to sue because, get this, they believe patients and providers have a conflict of interest. Gah, read this amazing sentence from Lithwick on how anti-abortion people characterize doctors, “After years of merely implying that such providers are cash-starved grifters who prey on foolish women in rat-infested death labs, the critique now forms part of the spine of the state’s case…” 

AHHHHH! Also like, on a logical level, if there were ANY medical value in this stupid “admitting privileges” thing… OF COURSE doctors would be fine with it. Doctors aren’t out here just trying to GET AWAY with STUFF. That’s what health insurance companies are doing!!!

Do you think providers deal with death threats, idiots in front of their offices yelling at them, ridicule from their community, and more stigma because THEY JUST CAN’T IGNORE THAT SWEET SWEET CASH?? NO. OBVIOUSLY NOT!

They care about their patients. And a fucking REAL lawyer shouldn’t be able to argue just based on assumptions.

Case closed.