So while America is glued to the popular congressional hearing, another super important congressional hearing happened this week and it got crickets from the media. WTF! I guess it’s no bigs because who cares that Missouri could BECOME the first state without an abortion clinic since Roe! Oh and that their state wants to force patients to get like ten pelvic exams before they get ONE abortion. Why cover that hearing? It’s not like AOC and Rashida and Ayanna were part of it. Oh wait they were. Punch all the air!

Since you probably didn’t hear about it, here’s the recap. Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing to look into why the regulations in Missouri have led to the clinic being in jeopardy. You know, they decided to finally start paying attention to a problem that has been going on for years! But better late than never.

And if you’ve been paying attention well, you’ve heard all the information before. A woman bravely spoke about needing an abortion after she found out her fetus would not survive, putting a face to the necessity of abortion rights. Some monster predictably still was cruel to her.

We also had real doctors give testimony. Dr. Colleen McNicholas is a friend of ours and she always shows up to our events, helps us on the road, and is an all-around badass. She explained that you obviously don’t need two pelvic exams before an abortion and that it is traumatizing to patients and infuriating to doctors who want to do what is best for patients. Our side did another slam dunk is what I’m saying. We brought it.

And then we go back to the ancient prober from the top. Y’all the ONLY PERSON they had testify was … A PODCASTER! A FUCKING PODCASTER! At a CONGRESSIONAL MEETING! That is who they brought. We brought a DOCTOR and they brought some fool who sits in front of a big ol’ microphone talking about how “Abortion is murder!”

Do you ever feel like we are the only adults in the room? Like we’re just repeating ourselves over and over again to people too dense to get it? Like… how do we keep going on!?

Well, let’s end with a little inspiration to the enduring spirit of activists and … let’s be real to the “we’re gonna fuck shit up and MAKE you notice” spirit of activists. Brett Kavanaugh spoke at the Federalist Society last night and… a group of awesome activists truly fucked his shit up. They projected the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford outside for all to see. The world is a messed up place, but brave people are around to speak truth to power. We still believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And we still believe in the power of activism.