Well, this week in reproductive rights has been a REAL doozy. When Vice News has a headline like “4 states just passed anti-abortion bills on the same day” you know things are NOT going according to plan.

Let’s break ‘em down! Arkansas and Utah passed 18 week bans. Now, again, this is the most arbitrary shit in the world. 20 weeks had some bullshit debunked science behind it AT LEAST. 18 weeks is… just there so that it can eventually be 16, then 14, then 12, and so on. They’re trying to get as close as they can to unconstitutional and JUST shave by. But these… are all unconstitutional.

Kentucky also passed a heartbeat bill Thursday  and earlier this week a bill that says you cannot get an abortion on the basis of sex, race, or fetal diagnosis. So, what we’re saying is SORRY Kentucky children who wanted more funding for your school, your state has decided to bankrupt itself by passing completely unconstitutional laws that the ACLU is going to trounce. Hopefully this will embolden you all to become abortion providers, as a big fuck you to shitty politicians who don’t care about their constituents at all!
And finally we have Kansas who TOOK time to say “hey, New York, we think the Reproductive Health Act is real crummy.” Guess who likes the RHA: the people who it protects. It’s a good act. But to Kansas legislators we just want to say, “We don’t think about you at all.”