Let’s be clear: Republicans neverending question to defund Planned Parenthood is just grandstanding to the anti-abortion movement. They don’t really care, they just want to garner some points from literally the stupidest, least-discerning voter block there is. The “I’m anti-abortion and if you SAY the word abortion, well I’ll vote for a frickin’ lamppost before I’ll vote for you” folks.

And so it goes that a great program, Title X, got completely gutted last year and all that money that should be going to help give people birth control is now going to weirdo fake clinics instead of Planned Parenthood and independent clinics and people are not getting the healthcare they need. And that’s gross. The collateral damage is gross. We all are pro-abortion here! But, even if you’re anti-abortion how do you get so fucking twisted that you think the idea that someone might not have an abortion is MORE important than giving thousands of people access to healthcare? You literally trolley-problemed your way into denying thousands of people coverage for ONE CLUMP OF CELLS. 

And maybe we seem madder than usual today and we are. Because not to get too personal but I read this story about my friend’s ALIVE babies who have health problems… and guess what… fetal tissue research could REALLY HELP THESE FUCKING ALIVE HUMAN BABIES THAT THE IDIOTS OF THE ANTI-ABORTION MOVEMENT CLAIM ARE SO PRECIOUS. 

Guess what… the new Trump administration fetal tissue regulations are fucking over years and years of research. ELECTIONS MATTER, FOLKS! Truly the stupidest people are in charge and so rather than actually look into what fetal tissue research can do… they decided fetal rhymes with abortion and it won’t work. 

And possibly the stupidest thing about this is… this isn’t like… gonna… prevent abortions? Literally no person is like “Oh man, if my fetal tissue can’t be given to research… better not have this abortion.” So… it’s literally just grandstanding. It might hurt clinics… kinda? But like… it mostly just hurts scientists. And it is only CONVINCING as an act of “really caring” if… you are one of the stupidest people in the world. 

Ethics isn’t denying people the cure to diabetes, HIV, and other diseases because you WANT TO LOOK GOOD TO A BUNCH OF SIDEWALK SCREAMERS!