Ben Sasse has a problem.

You see he… was born ALIVE … like so many of us.

And because of that well, he thinks he knows what it MEANS to be born, you know. 

And so yet again he’s introducing the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act a bill that literally… does nothing. You fucking dummies. It does nothing.

Well, not nothing, it does shame and stigmatize people. It does drum up literally your stupidest base. 

Because, while we live in a world where Republicans stop caring about kids the moment they are born, DOCTORS do not in fact do this. And no effing REAL doctor would see a baby that was born and breathing and be like “let’s just let it die.” It would be a crime. 

Anyway there was a Senate Judiciary committee meeting yesterday called, I fucking kid you not, “The Infant Patient: Ensuring Appropriate Medical Care for Children Born Alive.” WHY ARE WE STILL DOING THIS!!?!?! The level that they want to make it seem like we don’t care about babies… is insane. Anyway, our buddy Erika Christensen spoke at this committee and you should just read her amazing testimony here

But on the OTHER SIDE today there was a house subcommittee hearing called “Protecting Women's Access to Reproductive Health Care.” THIS ONE WAS GOOD! We get that these meeting are confusing and maybe ultimately frivolous if nothing gets done, but … we gotta admire the Congresswomen who again go on the offensive instead of just constantly being on the defensive about abortion rights.

This hearing was about the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that has been around for a WHILE attempting to codify Roe. 

Some lowlights from this hearing include a congresswoman arguing that because she had a kid and was scared, it’s good that useless delays exist in abortions because people could make mistakes. EXCEPT in her story she was like established in her career and ready to have a baby so…. Different, we think. Also a dude being like “babies are good.” WE LOVE BABIES TOO (well, most of us do) THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOUR ARGUMENT WORK! 

On our side the wonderful Dr. Yaschica Robinson talked about her experience working in Alabama and how vital abortion access is for patients. And we also were really moved by the story of Holly Alvarado who faced all sorts of hoops she needed to jump through before she could get an abortion:

“I can not reconcile that our government trusted me to hold weapons of protection for our country, serve as a respected member of our armed forces, at many times capable of affecting the lives of people in my chain of command, but did not trust me to make the right decision for my own body. I have no regrets about my decision to end my pregnancy.”

She’s right, it makes no sense that the government wouldn’t trust you to know your body. Better have 70-300 more sub-committee meetings on if we’re people!