We KNOW you are all watching C-SPAN ya nerds, and you know what, we are watching it too! But we’re human adults capable of doing two things! So while someone is pausing for way to long take a quick gander at the quick hits in abortion and reproductive rights news today!

~* Hooray!!! Dayton’s Women’s Med Center can remain open! LOL but this article is a great remember that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET COMMENT FROM THE RIGHT TO LIFE PEOPLE THEY ARE LITERALLY NOBODIES! 

~* Truly, we’re always shouting out the Austin Chronicle, they are dope as fuck and work really hard to #ExposeFakeClinics with some brilliant reporting. And today they wrote this troll headline that just makes us love them more! “Anti-Choice Grifter’s Mischief Costs Texas Taxpayers $1.6M.”

~* Something interesting: House Democrats will look at restrictions in Missouri to abortion access as a case study for ani-abortion laws throughout the U.S. Um… how long before they are all banging their heads against a desk and screaming “THIS IS NOT NECESSARY!!!” Cuz for us it’s usually about like, 20 minutes. 

~*Cough cough cough just wanna point out that the only people praising that garbage Atlantic article, that’s like “Literally every point that pro-abortion people make is perfect. But also sonograms. So it’s really a toss-up,” are anti-abortion. BIG SHOCK! If you’re pro-forced birth, you’re doing it wrong!

~*~* Finally we just want to say that it is dope as hell that People published an article about medication abortion. I mean… we’re not always sure where People’s allegiances stand and this is also around Sexist Man Alive time so they are getting a lot of traffic! But in the spirit of calling in, not out, there were a few mistakes in it that are detailed in this Twitter thread. We can understand some oversimplifications, for space, but we don’t need to tell people that “no one wants an abortion” and also medical abortion and surgical abortion are both very safe! Here, watch our “I’m Just a Pill” video to further explain!  But keep doing this kind of stuff, People! And we know you’ll be a great, huge platform to bust stigma.

OK, now get back to C-SPAN if you want.