pablo-6Probably the only thing worse than anti-choicers co-opting the name “abolitionist” for their particular breed of fuckery is when they do their awful work outside schools. As Fox 4 News reports, a high school in Frisco Texas has been dealing with this exact issue lately.

If these types could manage to sprout a soul, they’d respect the wishes of parents who have complained about the graphic nature of the signs — and maybe even recognize that Regina George-ing a high school with horrifying, medically inaccurate propaganda in an effort to indoctrinate children is hardly a healthy way to spend their time.

However, instead they argue that exposing kids to graphic images — via their so-called “Wall of Death and Truth” — is a better way to terrorize them before they grow up to utilize legal healthcare. Emotionally scar them while their young, amirite?

According to Fox 4, “The abortion protest leader says they did not choose the school or the timing of the demonstration for political reasons. He says they go to different schools in the area as opposed to clinics because they feel by the time the teen is at the clinic it's too late.”

Todd Bullis, of the Abolitionist Society of Little Elm, sanctimoniously adds that he and his garbage crew “hope that the children won’t grow up to be apathetic and complacent like their parents. When kids see this they absolutely disagree with abortion, they absolutely disagree with killing babies. Kids are on our side.”

Sure, Todd. Whatever you say.

We’re thinking of the kids and faculty at Frisco high today, and sincerely hope they can continue to go to work and access their educations without wading through a swamp of hate — a hope we also share for women throughout the country who want to go to the goddamn doctor.

Particularly today, as our team does our best to give back to the amazing abortion providers in North Carolina who devote their lives to improving the lives of women — through laughter, friendship, and support — we hope these people can find something more productive to do with their energy.

Like, sure, you absolutely can spend your time promoting misinformation and terrorizing school children, if that’s your thing — but you can also opt to do something that involves a great deal more compassion and empathy. You do you, though.