October 4, 2019

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Abortion Access Front (AAF) Releases Statement on Supreme Court Decision to Hear Louisiana Abortion Case

This morning the Supreme Court announced that it will hear the case of June Medical Services, LLC. v. Gee a major abortion access rights case regarding a Louisiana TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) law that could leave the state with only one doctor in a single clinic to provide abortion care. The law in question would require doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Needless to say, with Brett Kavanaugh now on the Supreme Court, the not so proverbial crap has hit the fan. This Supreme Court decision will not only shape reproductive rights in Louisiana, but it will surely create a tsunami of change all across America.

Abortion Access Front has double the rage on this one because this law is identical to a Texas law that was already struck down by the Supreme Court in 2016. AAF will not sit back in silence because we believe bodily autonomy and access to abortion are not rights that we should be forced to dance for every time a new Judge takes the bench. AAF is clear that the only reason this case is going to the Supreme Court is because the court has been politicized and this is a calculated attempt by the anti abortion and anti-women extremists to overturn Roe v Wade. If SCOTUS reverses itself and upholds this law, it will leave Louisiana with one abortion provider. AAF knows firsthand what this will do as they just returned from Baton Rouge where they worked with local activists and supported a local independent clinic. The impact of this case could have devastating repercussions beyond Louisiana, especially for low income people and communities of color. AAF is committed to fighting for access. This is not their first rodeo at the Supreme Court and it most assuredly, will not be their last!

Lizz Winstead, Founder of Abortion Access Front and Co-Creator of The Daily Show states:

“This case represents yet another critical moment in the battle for abortion care just this year. With Kavanaugh dominating the horrible headlines, we often forget, Gorsuch is right behind him in the race to reverse our rights. Now we sit, looking at the front door of Roe v Wade, waiting for them to smash through it with a battering ram. If the saying is true, that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, then we all need to be on the steps of the Supreme Court in 2020 letting them know that this law has got to go!”