Abortion Access Front joins the millions of people around the world who mourn the deaths of George Floyd, David McAtee, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Ahmaud Arbery and countless other Black victims of racist violence and police brutality. We offer this statement of solidarity to publicly commit to, and be held accountable for fighting the systems of oppression that have criminalized, targeted, and terrorized Black communities for centuries. We stand in solidarity with and affirm those currently struggling in direct action across the country.

Like so many organizations with its roots in white leadership, AAF has a lot of work to do in dismantling a culture of white supremacy both inside and outside of our organization. AAF knows listening to, working with and following black leadership in our organization, our movement and in our lives is the way we achieve systemic change. 

That is why today we call on everyone invested in reproductive freedom to join us in centering Black liberation in the fight for reproductive liberation. Black folks face disproportionate barriers to abortion access and high rates of maternal mortality due to medical racism and structural inequalities. The mission of Abortion Access Front is to ensure that all people have the right to access to any number of abortions they want, for any reason, without shame or stigma. We work to achieve our goals using the framework set forth by the Black organizers who laid the foundation of Reproductive Justice.

Abortion Access Front will be working hard to divest from anti-Blackness, and the systems that uphold it. It cannot be stressed enough, that every single day, the systems of white supremacy—propped up and enabled by white communities—continue to deny black folks the right to live safely. Allyship and solidarity mean nothing if those with personal privileges do not step up, center, and demand Black liberation. White silence is violence, and if there is no justice, there is no peace. 

Here are some steps we are taking. Please join us!

  • We will have uncomfortable conversations with colleagues and loved ones when    they say or do something that is racist. If White allies are going to demand justice in the streets we must first demand it in our own backyard. 
  • We will show up to local actions! Ask organizers how we can help—this may include raising funds, doing jail support, distributing supplies, etc. (In NYC? Follow & donate to Free Them All 2020, an abolitionist group posting local updates and support needs).
  • We will donate to bail funds by city, listed here.
  • We will donate to Reclaim the Block and Black Visions Collective, grassroots organizations in Minneapolis working to defund the police.
  • We will join the Week of Action in Defense of Black Lives from the Movement for Black Lives, here.
  • We will advocate: Tell the Minneapolis city council to defund their police department here
  • Learn more from the anti-racism resources for white people here.

In solidarity,

The whole AAF Team