It’s the holiday season so you know what we’re gonna talk about ….

Unending bureaucratic bullshit. More specifically, all the shit that is STILL somehow, going on in South Bend. Reminder: Whole Woman’s Health Alliance is trying to open a MEDICATION abortion clinic in Indiana. And somehow, conveniently, the health department just keeps delaying it by not understanding how… companies work. Again, a thing we think health departments should understand. But, you know, it’s not about the minutiae of business affairs. It’s about stopping abortions and hurting people. AND THIS IS JUST FOR MEDICATION ABORTION.

We gotta say that louder, for the people in the back, cuz in Missouri (ugghhhhhhh) people are traveling across state lines to Illinois (awww, beautiful Illinois) because they are required to get PELVIC EXAMS for medication abortions. Jesus Henry Christ! Is there no limit to the level of inhumanities you’ll force a person to go through to convince you she is capable of making an adult human decision. Should we have to walk around outside naked for like one hour, just to be safe? Should we fucking have to tell every person we’ve ever had sex with that we’re getting an abortion? WHAT THE FUCK WOULD APPEASE YOU?

We’re fighting a battle out there against some real monsters who seem to have all the time in the world to fill out paperwork. Oh yeah, and who also get just like… a ton of money. So, if you want to help Lady Parts Justice League consider donating today! We’ll use your money to travel around the country and fight back against anti-abortion Orcs.


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