So this week The Hill published a great piece about comedy and staying sane during this time and featured the wonderful Lizz Winstead! It was a dope article about empathy and joy. AND THEN we saw that they ALSO published some… true trash. HOW COME, we say, HOW COME! Don’t publish something great and empathetic AND THEN some hateful trash called 

“Abortion is not a safe procedure — in Louisiana or anywhere else.”

Obviously from the headline we knew it would be some ghoulish hit piece. But… we thought “OK surely, at least, this is written by a fucking doctor.” Like… some rogue gross doctor. NO THIS IS WRITTEN BY A PRIEST. A FUCKING PRIEST! And he’s like BEING incredulous about… get this… GYNECOLOGISTS saying they understand women’s health. “I mean, someone who studied the reproductive system for years could not know NEARLY as much as me… a dude who couldn’t label ANY OF IT!”

Anyway, that’s fun, we have fun. But in all seriousness… JK we’re not doing that, making a quick jump to the dead serious.

We just want you all when you are thinking about reproductive rights and public health to remember this moment. Remember the helpers, you know, the people who still are trying to make sure everyone gets healthcare. And then remember who is exploiting this moment to mention the “unborn” a million times. Truly… IMAGINE, everyone is constantly thinking about their own fucking mortality, people are not allowed to have a partner in the emergency room with them, DOPE ASS TIME TO THINK PEOPLE GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU. 

Oh god, got worked up there, my b. Just remember to look to the helpers. The people at practical funds trying to make sure people still have access. The doctors still coming to work because they know abortion is essential. 

Today Molly and Lizz talked on Facebook about why abortion is so essential to people right now. It’s a hard time and we are here for you. If you need an abortion INeedAnA is a great resource for what clinics are still operating. And if you want to help out, donate to practical funds who help arrange things like travel and childcare. Together, we can show the other side what empathy looks like.