This is a DISASTER, people. The anti-abortion fetal obsessives have been WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR DECADES. You see, while everyone else was worried about how to get enough masks to hospitals or buying groceries for people who are immunocompromised, anti-abortion goons were debating “How can I use this moment to ban abortion!”

And actually, it was easier for them to do and it shouldn’t have been. You see state’s get to define what “essential services” mean. In New York, that means the liquor store are still open, in Texas, that means clinics can’t perform abortions any more! YES you read that right, Texas has decided that abortion procedures are NON-ESSENTIAL. Here’s the thing, waiting until, let’s say April 12th, would put some people beyond the state’s legal limit, others into a more expensive procedure, and be a LOT OF TIME SPENT BEING PREGNANT THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO SPEND BEING PREGNANT. Ohio and Louisiana have also attempted to use similar language to halt abortion.

This pandemic has really taught us what conservatives are made of and it’s pond scum. Instead of doing what is right, they still continue to push their “do whatever it takes to close abortion clinics” agenda. 

It is disgusting and immoral to take away healthcare from people right now. THINK of how many people lost their jobs. THINK of how many people don’t know when their next paycheck will come, where they’ll live in two months. To deny these people abortion services is heartless.

The anti-abortion fetal cheerleaders have ALREADY commended closing clinics during this time (even though we know GOOD and well that last week they were like “Oh no  I can’t go to church this is a liberal hoax!”) and asked other states to follow. They have a lot of money but we have ALL OF YOU. 

So we’re working with a coalition of reproductive rights groups and independent clinics in every state to figure out the best course of action! Join our mailing list to get ready to take action and follow us on social media to stay informed. We’re not gonna let them close clinics! We’re gonna be vigilant and make sure people get the abortion care they need!