Well, it’s Monday again and we’re reading more and more headlines like “Roe is gone, forget about it, it’s gonna go away forever” and honestly, we don’t take our coffee with sugar or milk any more because it just slows us down from injecting rage straight into our veins.

But oh yes, a quick reminder: the same people who want to outlaw abortion also think that family planning only involves like, picking out names and painting the baby’s bedroom, not, you know, deciding when to HAVE a baby. Title X is under attack, friends, and it’s basically one of the few, good, family-planning initiatives that hasn’t been gutted into just being some guy saying “the rhyme method works fine” and then arguing he owns everything in your uterus. Title X helps people get pap smears and birth control and, you know, actually PLAN your family. But in the right’s ever-stupider attempt to punish Planned Parenthood for the sin of… actually caring… they’re gonna end up fucking everybody. SO WHAT CAN YOU DO?? Well, something very easy! Leave a comment on the HHS website from now until July 31st! Tell them abortion is a part of family planning! Tell them that Planned Parenthood is critical to family planning on all levels! You can make a difference today! So put some of that coffee slithering through your veins to good use and get to typing!

The News:

We’re In Indiana For the Vagical Mystery Tour This Week And Oh Boy Do They Need Help: See, This Clinic That Was Forced to Close By Radical Sidewalk Screamers That… Didn’t Even PERFORM ABORTIONS!

Texas, Texas, Texas, Continuing to Pretend That Religious Freedom Is Just So Important and Sacred and HOW DARE YOU Ever EVER Say Someone Can’t Do Whatever They Want in the Name of Religion… Just as Long We’re Talking About the One, Right Religion, Where You Bury The Dead… Not Any of the Religions Where You Don’t

And Speaking of States, Maybe Check To See If Your State Is Trying to Pass a Constitutional Amendment Saying that Abortion is Not Protected, Cuz You Know, The Point of a Constitution is to Say What Rights We DON’T Have

Finally, It’s Amazon Prime Day And Why Not Drop a Nice Gift to A Clinic Into Your Cart, You Could Make an Abortion Provider’s Day!