Stigmatizers gonna stigmatize.

One of our main goals at Lady Parts Justice League has always been combating the stigma about abortion. That’s why we LOVE IT when we hear about young women standing up and organizing around the idea of pride, defiance, and ending the attempts to shame women who exercise their reproductive rights.

And that’s just what some ASS-KICKING sisters at American University did when they put together Students to End Abortion Stigma (S2EAS) in the fall of 2016. Their mission statement says they want to “end the stigma surrounding abortion and reproductive justice in all of its forms.”

Steph Black, the director of communications for S2EAS, told the AU newspaper The Eagle “We want to be able to create a space on campus for people who are talking about these issues, thinking about these issues or even people who have had abortions or have had these kinds of life experiences.”

S2SEAS has already hosted a November event on resistance under the Trump regime, and has more events planned with input from the National Abortion Rights League and Planned Parenthood.

There is plenty of great old-school activism centered around the idea of ending abortion stigma.
Sea Change is an organization “dedicated to transforming the culture of stigma around abortion and other stigmatized reproductive experiences.” Global abortion rights organization Ipas fights the stigmatization of abortion and reproductive rights in countries all over the world. And the Guttmacher Institute has long been active in battling abortion stigma. At LPJL we’ve championed abortion-stigma-busting enterprises like “Shout Your Abortion” last year.

But what’s really great about S2EAS is to see young women organizing and coming together on their own. We want the next generation of young girls to grow into women who who are proud of the control they have over their own bodies–and who refuse to let anybody else judge them.

Abortion is a right–don’t let anybody tell you it’s wrong.