Y’all we’re gonna be honest with you, we’re feeling a little down. We thought “hey, let’s pop off on a Federalist article today, that always cheers us up.” But, the truth is they’re all just HUGE BUMMERS NOW. The national director of Priests for Life wrote this article “Even as it helps needlessly spread coronavirus, abortion remains a sacred cow to some” and folks… that’s low hanging fruit and still… no fun. OK wait, we’re gonna try to go for it.

Because as Forbes brilliantly put it in their article about Texas being told by the FIFTH CIRCUIT that they could keep clinics closed, “In short: Texas women cannot get abortions, a medical procedure deemed essential by physicians that involves contact with only 2-3 other people, but they can go to church, a setting which has already been linked to multiple “super-spreading” COVID-19 events.” 

AHHHHH!!! Look, we’re not anti-church here (Mostly). We are are doing a whole campaign around religious people who believe abortion is fundamental. But… church at home is very easy and moral to do. THERE IS NO WORLD IN WHICH GOD WOULD OPPOSE THAT. 

Anyway, back to this Washington Examiner article here’s some dangerous conjecture that no reputable publication would print EVEN IN the opinion section, “Abortion mills are not known for their attention to hygiene, or for hiring well-qualified staff. Could coronavirus be lurking in these places? There is no doubt.” There is NO doubt and yet you have NO facts to back this up??? 

He then says that an anti-abortion group is like, tracking abortion providers to check if they have coronavirus which I guess means  … idk … seeing if they cough. This seems like straight up stalking and ridiculously terrifying. At the very least it’s a HIPPA violation! 

But perhaps the grossest part of this article is arguing that people seeking abortions are some how “taking” masks from people who could need them. Here’s the thing: it obviously shouldn’t be either/or. But clinics are not… HOARDING MASKS here. And people are not NEEDLESSLY getting abortions instead of staying home. It’s not like me being like “I NEED to get my boob job now.” Abortion is just not a “wait around for it” thing! YOU HAVE A LIMITED TIMEFRAME TO GET AN ABORTION. 

And we honestly, really do care about keeping patients at clinics safe. And, aw shucks, even keeping people who visit megachurches safe too.

But for one,  it’s the most disingenuous thing in the world to argue that you have an AUTHORITY to talk about why clinics should be closed now if all you do in any scenario is talk about clinics being closed. AND TWO it is completely disingenuous to argue that it’s for keeping people not exposed to coronavirus  AND THEN saying nothing about how telemedicine SHOULD be in place for people who want to take the abortion pill at home. WE FUCKING SEE YOU, anti-abortion hypocrites, and everyone is seeing who you truly are now too!