Let’s start today with some hypocrisy! Look y’all, you get to have any emotions about your own abortion. Happiness, gratefulness, and yes, even regret. We’re not gonna TELL YOU HOW TO FEEL! That’s not our job and not our right. What you absolutely cannot fucking do, is tell other people how THEY should feel about their abortions. Or, you know, have an abortion (or 3) and then be like, “OK now that I have gotten to a place that I’ve only been able to get to because I was given bodily autonomy… I’m now gonna say no one else gets to have abortions. That’s like getting to the top of a climb and then kicking the ladder away for the people below you. And we see this… all the time. And anti-abortion fuckwads just eat it up because like, what do they care if you have an actual moral compass and are capable of empathy, as long as you VOTE for laws the way they want. ***Pulls out all our hair***

What you also shouldn’t do is, basically completely ruin your state’s family planning programs in an effort to punish places that provide abortion and then… when you realize what you’ve done… try to pretend you’ve always pretended about contraception.

What you also shouldn’t do is … vote for all these effing terrible amendments that are on the ballot in Oregon, West Virginia, and Alabama.