The Georgia 6-week abortion ban, two weeks after you get your period, before you even would know you’re pregnant, before you’d prob know if you missed your period if you flew on a plane or something or just have a not very predictable period, is garbage. It’s so extreme that it has an effect it probably didn’t intend: people are taking notice. Even the liberals who pretend not to notice as reproductive rights are being stripped away… they’re taking notice. And we like that! Not to call anyone out! Just to say, bout time everyone, this has been going on for A WHILE.

Case in point … this bill has already passed in Iowa (and gotten blocked… lolol… sorry not sorry). And in Louisiana, their very own 6-week ban is getting closer to getting passed (if Mississippi’s law is upheld… lol way to try to pass this bill and ALSO not face the huge judicial costs this kinda shit show causes).

And finally, in Alabama today they’re ALSO trying to pass an EVEN MORE restrictive abortion bill… that does away with all this “weeks” arbitrariness and is just like “performing any abortion is a felony.” Except… if you’re life is at risk. OR… now with rape and incest exceptions (guess they didn’t like the argument that these bills seem to value child rapists over children who are raped).

But OK, we love how when liberals have internal debates it’s like “OK are we being TOLERANT enough.” And when it’s anti-choicers it’s like “How can we be as cruel as possible???” See, if it wasn’t people’s lives on the line, this article would be kinda funny. Basically the person who wrote this Alabama bill thinks they have come up with the PERFECT argument for PERSONHOOD beginning at conception (which again LOLOL, LOLOLOL, we can’t believe we have to argue with just CHAOS. Do y’all KNOW how bodies work? Lol here’s a great sentence “You have women, whose bodies house babies.” LOLOLOLOL, y’all have SOOOO much trouble trying to justify taking away rights.

Anyway we love that the people defending this bill have to make the FUNDAMENTALLY BONKERS ARGUMENT that they need to not include rape and incest because they WANT to have the PERFECT definition of personhood. And guess what… for them the perfect definition doesn’t include rape victims.

So anyway… it’s a straight up nightmare out there. Follow Alabama Women’s Center for updates and as always donate to the Yellowhammer Fund.