One thing we hate… is when people compare hating abortion to civil rights. Literally everything you do and the people you choose to be, anti-choicers, is proof that you are in fact, on the wrong side of history. And yet, for some reason, they just wanna pretend they don’t… know how bodies work.

Anyway, this is all to say that we are continually laughing at Alabama politicians being like “yes, it will be us, the height of intelligence, the politicians of Alabama, who will get Roe v. Wade overturned… with our trickery.” And they’re just like, trying to make performing abortions a felony. LOLOLOLOLOL. Oh, you tricksters, you got us! With your logical reasoning and definite grasp of words and definitions… you GOT US! You are DEF gonna make it to the Supreme Court… your argument is not so blatantly flawed that you’ll be laughed out of the court. Def… keep going.

Obviously all these things are scary, because we live in a nightmare world where reason has been replaced by legit chaos. So still, donate to the Yellowhammer Fund and help Alabama activists, because they have to deal with some true garbage.

Finally we just wanted to briefly end on this … which we think says it all. Apologies that this is a long quote from Townhall  (disgusting, we know). But we think it really ~*~*reveals~*~*~ a lot. Anyway so the set up, they’re talking about a PBS documentary (with our FRIENDSSSSS from the Philadelphia’s Women’s Center!) where you see a person take a medication abortion. This is… again, just medicine. But the documentary accurately shows the emotions two people experience. So any way, buckle up for TOWNHALLS’ take:

Taryn also had a moment with the camera – where she admitted she was carrying twins or “two beings.”

“What I hope I feel is a sense of peace, not only with myself and the decision that I’ve made, but also a sense of peace with these two beings that I’ve chosen not to bring into the world,” began Taryn, who is also the mother of two older children.

To her unborn twins, she said: “Thank you for choosing me. And I’m honored to be given this gift of life. And also, I can’t do it right now. I can’t accept that mantle in terms of the other lives that I’m taking care of and I’m responsible for.”

With that, Taryn popped the pill into her mouth before picking up a styrofoam cup of water to swallow.

But the second woman, Megan, wasn’t as nonchalant.

“I know I’ll definitely be sad, because if things had just been a little bit different, you know, maybe this wouldn’t have happened today,” she told the camera.

OK again, this is pretty tame editorializing for a shitty anti-abortion site. HOWEVER, we think it shows a lot. So both these women have these unique, thoughtful responses to their abortions. Honestly, Taryn’s is kind of beautiful, right. She is honest about how she’s feeling, how she wants to feel, and she is sure. And Megan too expresses how she is feeling and how her life has led her to this moment. BUT TOWNHALL for some reason calls Taryn “nonchalant” which… UMMM OPPOSITE!  But clearly what Townhall wants is the “sadness,” someone to say “I am FEELING GUILTY” about this. They don’t want to think about the real emotions that people go through that lead to a peace with abortion. They just want you to feel bad.

And now and forever: Fuck that. You get to feel how you want to feel and it doesn’t make it ANY MORE valuable for someone to feel “sad” or not feel “sad.”