We spend a lot of time trying to unpack anti-choice zygote loving logic and oh boy let us TELL YOU it just is so effing confusing. And also, so BLATANT in it’s ridiculousness. It’s like, if any human being stared at this long enough, and was at all discerning, they could figure it out. But… they just all… refuse to be??

So FIRST plot hole: total abortion bans. This week a North Carolina judge struck down a TWENTY WEEK ban. A great win for North Carolina activists! A sign that any arbitrary ban is garbage. But then Ohio AND Georgia are still trying to pass heartbeat bills! And and and… Alabama is apparently gonna try to pass a TOTAL ABORTION BAN. Just basically saying “fuck the Constitution, fuck Roe v. Wade. Fight us!” No exception for rape or incest! You can be penalized if you HELP someone get an abortion. Fuck this so hardcore. This is so obvious! You’re wasting tax payer dollars and fucking over a BUNCH of people in the process while they wait for this to be proved unconstitutional. It’s just so garbage. We can’t accept any kind of collateral damage in this fight! So please follow the POWER House on Facebook and go here and here for updates for how to mobilize with them.

And we just wanna quickly add a little bit about disability rights. Because the anti-abortion mob is trying to pit disability rights and abortion rights against each other and we ABSOLUTELY will not stand for it. We will not allow the anti-abortion movement to write completely HOLLOW articles about how much they care about protecting “all life” ALL WHILE not even acknowledging how ACA cuts could DESTROY the lives of children with disabilities and cutting the special Olympics is just cruel and unecssary. You can’t be so effing single issue and then have anyone take you seriously. If you pretend to care about “life” so much but conveniently only care about fetuses, you are broken. You have no humanity. Full  stop.