We know there’s a lot of fraught energy when it comes to the term “mansplaining.” But honestly, what other term perfectly describes these TRAP laws. If you are born with a uterus you’re constantly inundated with images of sonograms and fetuses. But yeah, sure man, def make a law that says we gotta see that sonogram before we get an abortion. Honestly, we can’t imagine anyone BUT a man arguing, with a straight face, that this kinda law HELPS people getting abortion. That it’s not just an attempt to emotionally manipulate them in the moment for a decision that HAS HUGE CONSEQUENCES BEYOND JUST LIKE SEEING AN IMAGE ON A SCREEN. It’d be like, funny how delusional it is… IF IT WASN’T SO PREVALENT. So now we’ve got people in Missouri who have to get full pelvic exams to… take a pill. And it’s straight up garbage.

LPJL will keep fighting for reproductive rights in 2019 because no one should HAVE to cross state lines to get medical care, because no one should be shamed for making a decision that is right for them, because  politicians don’t know more about your body then you do! So if you dear reader want to help us keeping fighting bullshit TRAP laws like the one we just described, donate to us today!!