Well here we are again, a Friday spent contemplating why so many men are so effortlessly creepy. We’ve spent so much time wondering why that … we can’t even bring ourselves to write the blog today. So here’s some quick hits! 

First off we just want to mention that Matt Bevin is anti-abortion but in actuality we think he’s just “anti-everything” because a delightful article reminded us that “a Republican state senator hosted a “Bullied by Bevin” picnic earlier this summer…” UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that is so funny. Like… imagine. Anyway this is just a funny fact that you should all know. 

Next up we have Missouri period tracker and insistent bowtie wearer Dr. (HOW?) Randall Williams. We all rightfully were like “EW GROSS” to the period tracking thing this week (he kept spreadsheets of missed periods) but this Times article does a good job of explaining the full context of the creep fest. The other side OBSESSIVELY follows the records they can get their hands on of EVERY abortion clinic THEY CAN GET! And you know what these don’t give… any sort of full context!! Like, thank god they don’t, WE DO NOT WANT ANTI-ABORTION PEOPLE KNOWING MORE DATA ABOUT PATIENTS! But this dude going through every missed period (patient’s names weren’t given, they were numbered) to see if there are ANY discrepancies to shut the clinic down… how effing CREEPY is that.

And that bring us to this GARBAGE Lifenews (an anti-abortion site… duh) article titled “Abortion Clinic Scheduled Dismemberment Abortion for Woman Who Lost Her Baby in Miscarriage” we’d normally not even think of mentioning this story but it conveys a few thing about the other side we had to mention. 1. How the FUCK do you think a person gets a dead fetus out of their body? 2. They refuse to acknowledge that abortion clinics can do good and therefore CAN help a grieving woman who has had a traumatic experience 3. They….again we’re overusing this word today… are fucking CREEPS who pay WAY TOO CLOSE ATTENTION to clinics yet still have not grown a SCRAP of humanity for live’s nuances and complications. The fact that they’re writing articles examining this painful moment in this woman’s live… is hideous.

And just so we’re clear, this is going to happen more and more and more… thanks to this GEM from Lifesite this week “You can now access all existing US abortion data in one place thanks to pro-life org”. UGHHHHHHH! We’re sure they’ll use this well.