Anthony D Weiner (the D stands for Dick) is at it again. He is sexting his way through young females on the internet. We can all recall when he ruined his own run for Mayor in 2013 (which if memory serves was because he got busted twice, the first time we were actually ready to forgive him because he gave such great politic). I don’t really want to do a timeline of the crotch shots to The Mongoose, I just want to highlight that he’s been putting his business out there for a while now.

Huma Abedin, aide to Hillary Clinton, has been married to Mister Weiner, with whom she has a child. Previously Abedin had forgiven the Weins and they were working on their marriage. But after this most recent Weiner sexscapade, Abedin is saying adios to the Anthony.

Am I shocked and let down by Weiner’s actions? Not at this point. Although in the beginning I was because I really believed he had some incredible political potential, potential he would rather blow with his load. I wish I was more shocked that some men want to show their dicks to random young women on the internet. In fact I should be shocked that I’m not shocked, but I ride the NYC subways. I know men, I have seen some dicks.

What I am incredibly dismayed by (but not shocked about unfortunately) is that in the midst of Anthony Weiner’s winkie world tour, who is getting metaphorically burned at the social media stake?! Huma Abedin, of course. Sexist and racist critiques are flooding the court of public opinion. Take a scroll through the comments section of any Weiner article and you will find a variety of hateful responses saying she isn’t keeping her man in check, that it’s because Muslim women accept that kind of behavior, I even saw one lady call Abedin a bad mother for leaving her kid with Weiner. Oh I’m sorry, did I miss the time when Abedin was sending nudes to barely legals? No, I didn’t think so.

A women being held accountable for her husband’s bad behavior. How incredibly droll.

Shame shame shame on you Abedin (said in my best Game Of Thrones season five finale ‘Walk of Atonement’ voice) for not literally and figuratively tying yourself to your husband and monitoring his every action, approving every thought and tweet he has. (Of course then she’s a nag right?) What kind of a woman are you? Oh wait, what? You’re an autonomous individual?AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Stop kidding yourself.

We shame women for not making it work with their husbands and we shame them for trying to make it work. If all else fails we’ll shame them for not having husbands. Clearly the common thread here is shaming women, holding them responsible, for their relationship or lack thereof, to a man.

We even see it in the reverse as well. Woman does something right, dude gets credit. There are a myriad of examples but I can pluck a fresh one from just earlier this month: The Olympics. Katinka Hosszu broke the world record in the 400-meter and NBC cut to video of her husband/coach cheering calling him “The man responsible”. Cory Cogdell medalled in shooting (for the second time) and the Chicago Tribune didn’t even use her name, they called her “Wife of Bears’ lineman”… Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

I get it, we came from Adam’s rib, scientifically speaking of course, and then FORCED HIM to eat the apple. EAT IT we screamed while putting him in a full chokehold. So for the rest of eternity we should be responsible for our husband’s choices because we are essentially his property and ball buster keeping him on the straight and narrow. What a fun job. Do we get paid for that? No I didn't think so…