Today’s blog is a Carter Sherman appreciation post! Y’all Carter has been bringing the TRUTH on Vice News!!! When we criticize the media for not covering things properly or AT ALL let us just tell you… NOT CARTER. We are not talking about perfect, spectacular Carter! 

Because check out this article on INDEPENDENT ABORTION CLINICS that’s in Vice today. In this administration’s effort to destroy everything that is beautiful and should be nonpartisan, RIP Title X. Let us just say… if you think life begins at CONCEPTION, you’re a fucking idiot. Like, we can’t even argue with u on any level… IS A SPERM A FUCKING LIFE?? IS A PERIOD A FUCKING LIFE? 

Any way the effects of the new Title X regulations… well dontchaknow they’re immediate. Two clinics in Ohio have been forced to shut down. And also the effing Washington Examiner wrote an article titled “Planned Parenthood has itself to blame for Ohio's shuttered clinics” and honestly EAT SHIT. We realize we’re throwing around insults today but like… you do not get to vilify Planned Parenthood in your quest to satiate truly the stupidest base possible and then HAVE THE AUDACITY to say “oh but like, look at them not helping their PATIENTS who we pretended never existed and still really don’t care about.” Forcing clinics to close MEANS you are not actively participating in making healthcare better. EAT SHIT. May you have to hear the stories of all the lives you ruined in HELL you effing monsters. 

Anyway back to CARTER. So guess what y’all, a lot of independent providers have lost money from this Title X hostage situation. And fundraising when literally like, so many bridges are on FIRE is getting harder and harder. 

So we’ll end this by saying that you prob will have to do a little research, but look up a clinic in your community that has lost Title X funding and DONATE TO THEM! 

And also SIGN OUR PETITION to tell Congress to #FundActualHealthcare and stop giving Title X money to FAKE CLINICS!