Dear Readers,

It’s time to take urgent action! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

By now you’ve heard the terrifying news that Planned Parenthood is leaving the Title X program. And what, we ask, could possibly be even scarier than Trump's “gag rule” preventing Planned Parenthood and other clinics from receiving Title X Funds?

Anti-abortion, ANTI-BIRTH-CONTROL fake clinics are now getting these Title X dollars.

The rule changes were to Title X, the federal government program that since 1970 has helped millions of low income Americans access birth control, family planning services, and reproductive health care. Under these new regulations, millions of dollars in funding is being denied to Planned Parenthood. So who's getting this money? Well, fake anti-abortion clinics like The Obria Group are now applying for and getting these same funds.

Fake clinics like Obria are created by anti-abortion religious extremists to confuse and manipulate pregnant people so they don’t learn about or get access to abortion services. They knowingly give people false information about abortion AND they refuse to provide evidence-based contraceptive choices to their patients. These include the pill, IUDs, or condoms—the very tools that help prevent unplanned pregnancy! And Obria is just the tip of the iceberg. Fake clinics across the country are aiming to “replace” Planned Parenthood and deny care to millions of people of color, low-income, rural, and LGBTQ+ folks without access to reproductive and preventative health care.

So today, Abortion Access Front is joining forces with Daily Kos, Campaign for Accountability, Abortion Care Network, and several other incredible organizations to launch a petition calling on Congress to stop HHS from awarding Title X funds to Obria and other anti-birth control, anti-abortion fake clinics.

Anti-birth control, anti-abortion fake clinics should NEVER receive public Title X funding. No taxpayer dollars should go to groups that withhold information, lie, and shame women and pregnant people!

Sign the petition NOW then tell everyone you know by sharing on social media! DEMAND THAT Congress stop HHS from awarding family planning funds to fake clinics like Obria and other anti-abortion, anti-birth control centers!