OK so….


Feel like we gotta address the elephant in the room.

But boy…. Oh man….. We do…. Not want to.

OK let us just quickly think of waterfalls and beautiful sunsets

Here we go….

So last night your president complained about abortion up until birth (not a fucking thing) again. And then he went on to interpret governor Ralph Northam’s comments last week (oh boy) and Trump said, ‘”The governor stated that he would even allow a newborn baby to come out into the world, and wrap the baby, make the baby comfortable,and then talk to the mother and talk to the father and then execute the baby. Execute the baby!”

OK so, it grosses us out to type that all out but we think that you all need to really sit with it to evaluate the level that we are at here.

We can’t get over how… blatant and dangerous and cruel this lie is.

So let’s talk about how we got here. Because this is also a good example of how a lie spreads. And how people don’t really want to look up context so they just take everything at face value.We like how even the Snopes Fact Check article on this is like “You really gotta know the whole context here.”

In a week of horrible admissions and even more horrible clarifications on his blackface trevails, Governor Ralph Northam, also made a mess over something positive he did. The day before his Klan College yearbook pictures broke, Northam was on the radio talking about a proposed Virginia abortion law. He was trying to explain that abortion in the third trimester is rare and often is performed because of fetal anomalies that would make it impossible for the fetus to survive outside the womb. But then he moved away from talking about abortion, and  switched to talking about a mother who did give birth to a baby who was dying, and the doctor and the parents would decide together what to do to make the baby’s brief life as painless as possible. It gave the extremists the bullshit talking point that, well, you know, we are now passing laws that allow baby killing!

We explain this in great detail even though it is painful, because the other side does not want to think about the painful and very real reasons people choose later abortion. Learning about these stories helps compassionate sane people formulate compassionate beliefs.

And we can’t have that, can we?

SO THESE ANTI-ABORTION EXTREMISTS JUST PICK OUT ONE SOUND BITE AND DECIDE TO DOUBLE DOWN. They allowed no room for clarity and instead decided to be all or nothing.

They want our side to be the monster because it’s too hard to believe that the world actually is this cruel.

But we KNOW it is. And that’s why as much as their side talks about baby blankets and in the image of God, they will never truly be the compassionate side.

Because they want people like this and this and this, who have experienced the worst news of their lives,  to suffer.

Because it’s easier for them to lie to themselves and everyone else, than to believe the truth.