Well well well, little Miss “Ectopic Pregnancy is A Hoax Perpetrated By Liberal Baby Killers” has reemerged with her demon TAIL between her legs to be like “OK Maybe I Spoke TOO Soon Writing An Article About An Issue I Knew Not Shit About, So Now Even Though The Damage Has Been Done, Here’s Another Article I Will Prob Also Get $250 For!”

A couple of things about this new article titled “I Was Wrong: Sometimes It’s Necessary To Remove Ectopic Babies To Save Their Mother’s Life.” 


 Two: “confirmation bias” is a stupid person pretending to be smart way of saying “I just believed what I wanted to believe.”

 Three: At one point the writer says “But it wasn’t the sheer weight of public opinion or bully tactics that led me to conclude that I was wrong. It was calm and measured discussions with doctors and reading the resources they suggested.” TRULLLLYYYYY are you fucking kidding me?? Imagine if I wrote an article that was like “Everyone who has cancer deserves it and should just accept death!” and then later was like “Wow why is everyone BULLYING me for this?” 

FOUR: OK so, as suspected, this “I Was Wrong” takes a SWIFT turn into “Not really, abortion is still always bad.” 

“My first mistake was calling surgery for ectopic pregnancy (salpingectomy or salpingostomy) or the chemical termination of an ectopic via methotrexate “abortion.” “Abortion,” as most people use the word, is non-medical shorthand for “elective destruction of an embryo or fetus,” as Condic and Harrison put it.”

THAT IS NOT THE DEFINITION OF ABORTION. What is this “Medical Terms That Are Convenient For Me Weekly”??? It’s only an abortion if… you say it is???? WHAT?? Also the doctors she quotes here are from the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG). So… grain of SALT here. 

FIVE: Like with ALL Federalist articles, this article takes FOREVER to backup the writer’s TERRIBLE bona fides as a monster anti-choicer before FINALLY getting to the apology. And to that we say “too little too late.”

This whole “I don’t know what science is but I’m gonna pretend to discuss it and use big words so you think I know what I’m talking about” thing is… well… not better… just… different… a different form of what’s going down with ABORTION REVERSAL STILL. We’re just gonna copy a paragraph from the article about Ohio proposing it now

“Wouldn’t it be wise to wait until the Food and Drug Administration had proved (the medication) for abortion reversal?” he asked Lehner.

Lehner said it has been successfully used for years to prevent women from having miscarriages. “I don’t know what there is to wait for,” she said.

“If there is something that can help a woman who has changed her mind not live with the regret that she would have if she proceeded with the abortion, (it) is something that ought to be available to her.

I mean… we have no words. 

OK we have a few. There’s a REASON you wait until there’s scientific evidence to prove something works. It’s providing FALSE information to people, false fear, and maybe false hope too! Even the fool who tested this stupid “abortion reversal” mania acknowledged that it doesn’t work all the time. There have also been NO studies on the long term effects of the children that are born after a “reversal” (and this is the wrong word, because again it’s just not taking the second of the two types of pills and then taking a bunch of progesterone).