*AIRHORN NOISE* We have a big announcement for today! Our team has been protesting the garbage anti-abortion group Operation Save America for YEARS. Here’s a little throwback to when they told us that none of us would ever get husbands. That’s literally… the least cruel thing they’ve ever said. They’re a violent terrorist group who spreads anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, islamaphobia, bigotry, and misogyny. 

This year, we decided to fight back against the HATE in a BIG WAY! So we got some intel and we have a week of counter-protests planned!

 We want to show the children with them that OUR SIDE is more fun and full of love! And we want to EXPOSE to the world just how vile they truly are. 

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting…  The Garbage Fyre Festival. We thought it’d be appropriate to name them after another ill-advised disaster.

And we, friends, are Garbage Fyre Fighters, going to Wisconsin to fight back against the hate. It’s actually pretty fitting that this is all happening in Wisconsin, as this past week the governor vetoed a series of anti-abortion laws! The fight just keeps on coming!

Go to the Garbage Fyre site to learn more! And consider joining us as we plan to fight back the full week of July 13-July 20!