Y’all so it goes, this week felt like every other week: in that it was a roller coaster of emotions! We sort of feel like we’re in a reproductive rights castle and every time a judge blocks an anti-abortion bill it’s like, pushing off one ladder from the affront, but then more and more ladders keep coming. IDK, we’ve been thinking about Lord of the Rings a lot lately.

So like, HOORAY, an Ohio judge blocked the D&E ban, because yes, duh, let’s stop legislating MEDICAL PROCEDURES as if describing any medical procedure wouldn’t make you be like “Oh hmmm….” Like, you should see what they do to your appendix.

But then, another ladder, Mississippi passed a heartbeat bill. YEEESHHH! What’s the opposite of virtue signalling…. Evil signalling? Y’all are NOT gonna get to the Supreme Court with this one… well we hope but you can never know when the orcs will invade the castle and Troy will fall (mixed metaphors, hell yeah).

So we wanna quickly address the Abortion Reversal Study. You know, “abortion pill reversal” a “scientific” thing that has like “anecdotal evidence from 6 people” that anti-choicers have used to legislate (and told people IN LEGISLATION to google it). Well now there’s a real study going on to see if it works. Couple of things, one it was funny our co-worker was like “well if it doesn’t they’ll just say it’s not a big enough sample size.” AND LOL FOREVER at the idea that anti-choicers UNDERSTAND WHAT A SAMPLE SIZE IS.

Any way, it’s hard to understand how BY ANTI-CHOICE logic you could get behind it. So pregnant people who want abortions volunteer, take the first pill do the “abortion reversal dance”  by taking the progesterone and then seeing what happens. But then at the end, even if it does work… they still get an abortion. I mean, people ARE volunteering for it but… it seems just… like a lot of emotional labor. And also all these fetuses are being aborted anyway so… why do anti-choicers support this?

But anyway we think the study will prove… that pregnant people should still get to make their own choices. So… there you have it.