Every once in a while, I read a story about what the antis are doing and I long for the days where they would just stand on the sidewalk yelling bible verses. There’s another tactic they’ve been taking that is much more telling of how the latest group of antis operate. They’ve been finding financial support to buy property of proposed clinics to make sure they won’t be able to ever open. Not only is that super annoying, it shows that these assholes have money and the ability to keep up the fight.

Protesters are annoying, but at least they can be dealt with (sometimes it takes a garden hose, but I digress). But when these people get enough money rounded up to BUY a building just to kick out a clinic, that’s some evil Daddy Warbucks shit. Buying a building? What’s fun about a building? You’re buying it to be a dick. And you’ve succeeded.

PS- Kudos for those of you who caught the ‘Big’ reference which was directed by the wonderful Penny Marshall, a ground-breaking, ceiling busting woman who passed away this week. RIP Laverne.