One thing that really scares us is that anti-choice extremists think they are above the law.  Like those assholes in Murder By Numbers but not as hot. Take Scott Lloyd who has been using his highly important and powerful position as head of ORR to try to protect clumps of cells all while losing a bunch of alive children. This story by Rolling Stone explains how people, who exist in REALITY, who are doing their jobs, are completely baffled by the aggressive bullshit ORR is peddling to young immigrant teens. Like Scott, your office separated THOUSANDS of families, maybe don’t send 10 emails trying to make sure an immigrant doesn’t get the second pill in her medication abortion. And even though HE THINKS he’s the law here… homeboy is very much acting not in accordance with the REAL law here (well, unless this case goes to Brett Kavanaugh and we all have to take to the streets again).

The Red Rose Day protesters have LONG argued (we say argued, but we mean screamed incoherently) that THEY are acting in accordance with God’s law (or whatever) when they plank in waiting rooms and harass patients. And basically every time an abortion doctor is murdered or attacked, the TERRORISTS who commit the crime say they were acting in accordance with their own law. TO PROTECT THE BABIES. AND PEOPLE LIKE… BELIEVE THEM. That’s the terrifying part. People sympathize with them and more terrorists are born.  And then people with radical ideologies listen to people IN CHARGE and … mail a bunch of pipe bombs to top politicians.

Let us just say: it is very clear which side is ACTUALLY the violent one.