Don’t let the red seas swamp the blue islands!

Those inland seas of Trump red on electoral maps are dotted with placid blue islands. Even in the reddest states, cities and urban areas tend to be refuges of sanity. They pass progressive laws to reflect the wishes and values of their residents. And then the red seas rise up in the form of conservative state legislatures and try to wash those progressive laws away.

Nutcase in point–The state of Missouri is trying to overturn a law in St. Louis that enacts protection from workplace discrimination if they’ve had an abortion, take contraception, use artificial insemination, or (heavens to Betsy!) get pregnant out of wedlock.

Conservative Missouri lawmakers say that protecting people from these types of discrimination infringes on the rights of others… to discriminate, evidently. The City of St. Louis excluded religious organizations from the law, but that’s not enough for the Red Menace. They say the law infringes on the rights of “crisis pregnancy centers” to discriminate against those who believe in abortion rights (as though anyone who does would want to work for one of those FRAUD CENTERS!

LPJL told you earlier this week about the CPC’s and their phony come-ons to vulnerable women. They prey on people who are seeking information about abortion services to shame and berate them out of making their own choices. Missouri’s new law (to overturn the St. Louis anti-discrimination law) would prohibit local governments from restricting the “rights” of such places to mislead and mistreat those seeking abortion information.

In other words–even if you live in a sane city in a red state, the law says you have to be as crazy as everybody else in the state!

The Missouri bill is HB 174. It heads next to the Missouri Senate, and then on to the desk of Governor Eric Greitins, who has already told St. Louis that he won’t allow any “abortion sanctuary city” in Missouri. Join with LPJL in our fight to keep the Red Tide from swamping us all.