#EXPOSEFAKECLINICS, y’all. Forever and always. These bans are gross and terrible, the regulations that mean you have to wait days and travel hundreds of miles, awful. But fake clinics exist and just spend day in and day out tricking pregnant people.

Now, the haters ALWAYS say some bullshit like “But they’re HELPING PEOPLE” or “But why WOULDN’T we want to give women their full options.” And to that… we just would offer that Spongebob meme.

But also like… don’t act so fake clinic. This is some Little Sisters of the Poor shit. Y’all are not these amazing nice people just helping. Fake clinics lie to patients. They tell them things like abortion leads to cancer or that  it’s like a huge scar on their body. And so, as kind as these volunteers MAY be to people who just agree to whatever you say… it doesn’t hide the full on sin. The sin of deceiving people.

WHICH BRINGS US TO this story out of Minnesota. The article entitled “West St. Paul's government ‘infiltrated' by ‘group of women,' says man” is ostensibly about a fake clinic trying to get a permit to expand but it’s really about SOCIETY AS A WHOLE.

This fake clinic is sooooo extra! According to the article, not only do they advertise that abortion pill reversal is possible (it’s not and it’s dangerous) and that birth control has carcinogens in it (also not true but lol what if they rebranded and just became anti-deodorant). they also only offer LIMITED medical care but SOMEHOW tried to get a permit as a medical office. FAKE CLINIC WORKERS ARE SUCH SCAMMERS IT IS RIDICULOUS

But anyway, at first this permit got denied because they are NOT DOCTORS, but according to the executive director of the fake clinic the REAL reason they got denied was ““It is our understanding that this group of women have infiltrated the West. St. Paul government bodies and we have no interest in coming back to face a biased governing body to seek a CUP (conditional use permit) in the future.”

It is SOOOO perfect and amazing that a group arguing that they just care so much about pregnant people and giving them options in the community would in the next breathe be like “But also they shouldn't be participating in politics.”

So then the article gets a little confusing but it seems this permit shit went to a city council vote and… a bunch of women on the council were bullied into not voting because they feared retribution from anti-abortion nuts. “Eng-Sarne recused herself because of her previous volunteer work for rape crisis hotlines and other sexual assault resources.” YES THAT’S RIGHT someone who actually helps women and sexual assault survivors felt she COULDN’T VOTE on this situation for fear of seeming biased. You know, maybe someone who ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT WOMEN is BIASED!!!! AHHHHHH!!

The article doesn’t make it clear what will happen next with this fake clinic but… they’re on our radar now. Because we actually care about pregnancies of women, nonbinary, or trans folx. Even if we don’t have “life center” in our name.