What a week! Jesus rose, we roséd, and America collectively hurried to finish our taxes by today. Now we can all take a much needed nap and dream about all the wonderful things our tax dollars will be used for. Like infrastructure, small businesses, safe and legal aborti-


Oh wow, for a moment there it looked like you were dreaming that federal tax dollars could in any way go to support abortion. That’s a pipe dream that’s been dead since 1976 when the Hyde Amendment was first introduced which stipulated that NO federal money could ever go to abortion. But as you may recall, in one of Obama’s goodbye gestures of love to all the repro health lovers out there, he signed a rule last year stating that Title X funds could not be restricted from family planning providers for any reason other than failure to provide those services effectively. I didn’t mean to get your hopes up. Enter Trump.

He has now straight up reversed this rule, signing into law a provision that says that clinics that provide abortions as one of its many helpful services can now be denied federal funding. It allows states to withhold public funds to any group that includes abortion as part of it’s family planning and repro health services.  Reminder, tax money already couldn’t go towards abortion services, this law now allows states to cut funding towards other procedures if abortion services are offered at that clinic.

The nightmare that is Trump continues to invade our progressive dreams as he does everything in his power to dismantle the legacies of Obama. But we here at Lady Parts Justice League have a suggestion on how you can fight back with your money…
Take the cash from your tax refund and donate it to Lady Parts Justice League’s Vagical Mystery Tour!  A USO-style tour where we go around the country visiting and supporting the very places that this law is trying to put out of business. Let’s make it our business to keep them around. The lives and health of millions depend on it. Also, won’t it be fun to take the only thing that Trump will ever love and use it against him?

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