It's Lizz's birthday! Yep, TODAY is her birthday and to celebrate AAF staff has been taking over her social accounts and posting about her and what she means to us!

Also we have a FUN announcement! Drumroll Please…We head out in September to Texas and Louisiana for our second leg of the tour! If you are in Austin, Houston or Baton Rouge, we will be IN YOU (consensually, of course)! Not only will we be doing some comedy shows and clinic outreach in Houston and Baton Rouge, we will be tapping into the amazing musical pool in Austin, presenting another bad-ass Do Re #MeToo! Stay tuned for upcoming dates within the next couple of weeks!

One more thing, because today is her birthday, we're asking all of our amazing followers to make a donation! It’s LEO SEASON and it’s never been a better time to become a monthly Abortion AF donor! (Just click the box to make monthly gifts automatically from your account!)