Y’all gonna let you behind the curtain here, your faithful blogger was off on vacation last week (thank you to our amazing guest bloggers). And while I was having a great time sipping martinis by a pool, I literally cannot believe no one told me I MISSED THE DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR THE Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship for College Pro-Life Leaders. I need that money for my college text books! I mean, I read Ayn Rand for an essay contest, I know how to LIE! 

Vice had an INTENSE article about how a bunch of creepy anti-abortion extremists with apparently infinity time on their hands — who still decide it’s more important to stand in front of clinics yelling than to do … legit ANYTHING to help stop gun violence, or the families that are separated, or the fact that our Earth is growing INCREASINGLY MORE UNINHABITBLE — brainwash a bunch of already pretty off-the-course teens. FOR SCHOLARSHIP MONEY!

After we read Operation Save Abortions recap of the Garbage Fyre Fest one of the insane things that stuck out to us was HOW MUCH time they spend teaching their people to… debate. Like, they are the literal “debate me” unfuckables that you get in your twitter mentions. 

So we pulled out a few select quotes from the article we want to discuss. 

    1. “I don't want abortion to just be illegal; I want it to be unthinkable.” TO THIS WE SAY — DON’T GET AN ABORTION THEN! We really don’t think these people understand, even on a basic level, how the world works here. If you don’t like abortion, then again, we say… don’t have one. They always act like our side is BEGGING you to have an abortion.
    2. “On another trip, they gathered in a time-honored anti-abortion tradition: They prayed on the sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, for the women inside.” OK so another thing the people in this article try to prove is like “we’re normal, we’re normal, we promise we’re normal and cool.” And y’all… if you have to keep saying it so much, you are not normal. And like, here is THE PROOF. You spend your days SHAMING people outside of clinics. You tell people that they can’t be trusted with their own choices. WHICH, and we’ll get back to this, is very very anti-feminist.  
    3.  “The urgency of the mission was made clear on the first full day of activities. Texas Right to Life kicked things off with two documentaries about the Holocaust.” There was an article last week about a bunch of people being shocked that someone compared “abortion” to the Holocaust. They all think this. They’re all extreme. This should be TERRIFYING. 
    4. “Its model legislation bans abortion after a “heartbeat” is detected, which it calls a “key medical predictor” that a fetus will be born alive.” Ok we picked this one sentence from the science section because it is so… fucking stupid. But first things first, if you’re having to argue what is a life based on the DEFINITION of a LIVING ORGANISM you have LOST THE THREAD. Bacteria is an organism. IS EVERY BACTERIA SACRED? But the AUDACITY of this heartbeat logic. “Because it currently has a cardiac pole… nothing will ever go bad it will definitely be fine, make your announcement!” TALK TO A FUCKING REAL DOCTOR. 
    5. “According to Murphy’s logic, the fellows in the room all benefit from “born privilege,” in the same way white people enjoy white privilege.” I wish someone would poke a hot iron in my eye after reading this because I no longer want to see this hideous, hideous world.
    6. “I personally vote first on abortion. So I will not vote for someone who is pro-abortion.” This is the scariest quote to us. Imagine someone is like, a serial predator or like says all immigrants should be killed or wants to do nothing to stop gun violence, but you’re still like “IDK some loser told me at camp one that there are seven things that make an organism living so like, I’m gonna vote for that guy still because abortion is my literal only issue I care about hey also WHERE did those polar ice caps go.” IMAGINEEEEE!