NYC for Abortion Rights is a coalition of activists who believe NYC needs an unapologetic grassroots movement ready to fight for full abortion rights and reproductive justice. We will not be silent while anti-abortion fanatics harass, intimidate, and shame us, and conservative legislators pass increasingly draconian abortion bans. We will not stand for it, we will fight back.

To sign up for our mailing list and to get involved in organizing with us, complete the form here. Sign our petition to stop clinic harassment in NYC and learn more about our campaign here. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates!

Malikah is a collective of women and nonbinary trainers, organizers and facilitators dedicated to building power for ourselves and our communities through self-defense, healing justice, organizing, and financial literacy.

Apply to become a Malikah facilitator in self defense, healing justice, organizing, and financial literacy. Build power and safety for your community! Visit us for more information and to apply.

New York City is full of multi faith houses of worship & Clergy who are here for you – ready to fight for abortion access & reproductive justice for all, and to provide pastoral & spiritual care. We believe that Religious Freedom calls us to fight for a persons right to have abortion & to access health options they need.

New York City is full of multi faith houses of worship & Clergy who are here for you – ready to fight for abortion access & reproductive justice for all, and to provide pastoral & spiritual care. Stop by the Faith Table for an ever growing list.

The Reclaim Pride Coalition began the Queer Liberation March in 2019. We march against the white supremacist patriarchy. The march is free of police participation in planning or marching, corporate sponsorship, and route barricading. This year's 4th annual March on 6/26/2022, will be the Queer Liberation March for Trans and BIPOC Lives, Reproductive Justice, and Bodily Autonomy.

The draft SCOTUS opinion presages a broad and far-reaching threat to the lives, freedom, bodily autonomy of everyone who is not a White, Straight, Cisgender, Christian Male. The LGBTQIA2S+ communities must stand with people of all gender expressions whose right to abortion access are being jeopardized. March with us to make that indisputable connection crystal clear.

Red Canary Song is a grassroots collective of self-identified Asian sex workers and allies, organizing transnationally for the full decriminalization of sex work & the protection of labor and human rights. We lead various outreach and advocacy programs and produce educational events, art shows & other sex worker based programming while standing in solidarity with parallel movements.

Call to Action:
1. Please donate to Red Canary Song here and Butterfly Toronto here to stand in solidarity with Asian migrant & sex workers
2. Support Massage License Decriminalization Act (A8281) Gonzalez-Rojas and celebrate International Whores Day on June 2nd
3. Join our monthly Giving Circle here
4. Get involved – call for multilingual outreach volunteers based in NYC here

NYIC is a powerful voice of advocacy by spearheading innovative policies, promoting and protecting the rights of immigrant communities, improving newcomer access to services, developing leadership and capacity, expanding civic participation, and mobilizing member groups to respond to the fluctuating needs of immigrant communities.

To support our work donate!

To volunteer with NYIC sign up here!

Volunteers support includes:
– community outreach (e.g., flyering, phone banking)
– event logistics (e.g., registration, ushering)
– language access support (e.g., interpretation and/or translation)
– organizing (e.g, serving as marshals at rallies and marches)
– legal screenings and consultations
– photography

People interested in volunteering must:
– be 18 years of age;
– fill out a NYIC Volunteer Form;
– and attend a NYIC volunteer orientation (you will be able to schedule this when you fill out the NYIC Volunteer Form).

RJC aims to advocate for fellow students by increasing equitable access to reproductive healthcare on campuses and as well as defending reproductive freedom in the broader New York City community by working with partner organizations and legal advocacy groups. We do this through informational outreach, direct action, mutual aid, guides, and art.

Join a coalition of youth activists fighting for reproductive justice in New York!

The Reproductive Justice Collective is building a coalition of student organizations and individual youth activists from across New York working to expand medication abortion access and offer abortion doula services on our campuses, lobby for bills that will make NY a destination state for abortion, and combat the anti-choice presence in New York through direct action and by organizing with grassroots advocacy groups.

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