Uterus StalemateIn the case of Zubik v. Burwell the Supreme Court has ruled that it is not going to rule.

For a full background on ZvB please refer to the Lady Parts Justice League classic ‘Play of the Day’ Nun So Much. The essentials of this case (heard on March 23rd 2016) was whether or not the Affordable Care Act puts an undue burden on religious nonprofits by making them participate in a process that would get their employees' birth control covered (by someone else not by them).

Important to note (and possibly shake your head over a little) is the fact there have already been exceptions made to the Affordable Care Act for religious reasons. Houses of Worship and nonprofits affiliated with a religion don’t have to provide contraceptive coverage themselves. All the law asks is that they sign a little piece of paper saying “Oh yeah we don’t want to cover that” (not an exact quote but you get the sentiment) so their employees can get coverage somewhere else. WHAT A BURDEN. Signing a paper!

On May 16th the Supreme Court decided that it will not decide and have instead kicked the case back to the lower courts, much like parents telling their children “You work it out”! 

The Supreme Court is basically saying —> Ok look guys, religious people don’t want to have to commit the sin of talking about your birth control even if it’s only just to say they don’t want to cover it so how about you all find a way for them not to have to talk about it at all and for the women still get coverage. Now go figure it out. 

On the up side: women will get their birth control. On the downside: without a clear ruling the door is left open and women will be left wondering “will my birth control not be covered next?!” Also, let’s be honest, who knows how long it’s going to take the lower courts to “figure it out” because like a childish tantrum, they are arguing over a lot of nonsense (and using our tax dollars to do so).

I mean, doesn’t it seem a little ridiculous that the Supreme Court is basically acquiescing in a sense by saying, Hey you don’t have to talk about something that we all know is happening. Aren’t we adults?! Apparently not really…

Most likely this move by the Supreme Court is a maneuver to try and avoid the 4/4 deadlock that has already occurred four times since the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. With the Republican Senate refusing to do their job and confirm Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee no further progress can be made. We are at a justice standstill. Must be so nice to not have to do your job.