We’re not gonna lie, we needed a laugh this week and something to dunk on, so thank you, The Hill for publishing this TRULY unhinged piece about “Birth day abortions” a thing that is DEFINITELY real and should DEFINITELY be put in the headline of a major publication, DEFINITELY not total propaganda perpetrated by the zygote-loving orcs up in Orcville.

So last week we got an anti-choicer piece where at one point where the writer literally was like “We can’t leave a patient’s health up to a DOCTOR cuz what if a DOCTOR has a different opinion than ME, NOT A DOCTOR” (meanwhile they really think it’s important that a doctor shouldn’t HAVE to save a pregnant person’s life… just you know, sit with that). THIS WEEK we got this sentence which makes us all feel like, man, they are REALLY losing the thread here:

“Do we let babies who survive abortions lie there and die, or do we provide life-saving care to them?”

So, obviously this doesn’t really happen. But also… in WHAT world do they think that it is not already a law? Like, WE TOO would not want someone to just let an INFANT die if it is born. They are speaking to no one here. I mean, women get fucking CHARGED WITH MURDER if they have stillborn babies. DO THEY REALLY THINKING LAWS ARE NOT STRICT ENOUGH? HOW MANY MORE WAYS TO Y’ALL WANT TO PUNISH PEOPLE.

Any way the reason this one made us laugh is because we learned that for this terrible act that should just go away there is NOW something called a “Discharge Petition.” And, that’s just funny. Happy Friday!