Well, y’all today we went in hard. See, as USUAL anti-abortion people are trying to shut down clinics and as USUAL we are trying to give patients access to health care. It’s funny how, we’re in such a moment now, where so many things are put into clarity, and… yet we still remain the same.

We tweet stormed all day on their #ChooseHope hashtag, cuz here’s the thing. 1. LITERALLY NONE OF US ARE SAYING THAT PEOPLE SHOULDN’T HAVE BABIES NOW JESUS CHRIST. And 2. Actually for a lot of people an abortion IS a sign of hope. A hope for the future they choose for themselves or a hope that gives them the opportunity to thrive parenting the children they already have. 

The truth is that we don’t know a lot about the long term effects of coronavirus. And we won’t for a while. And that’s scary. We’d never tell someone what healthcare decision to make because of that (we’d just tell them please don’t go out if you are able to stay in) … but we’d NOT do the fucking MANIAC thing the anti-abortion movement is doing which is: speak in riddles.

They’re arguing that coronavirus is perfectly safe for pregnant people and… we’d just say listen to a doctor. We’d always say listen to a doctor. We’re not going to use fear as a weapon, but DON’T FUCKING LISTEN TO A BUNCH OF ANTI-ABORTION FOOLS WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTHCARE BECAUSE THEY IN THEIR NAME DON’T WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL THE OPTIONS.

So make sure to put people in check today and everyday when they say abortion isn’t essential. It is ESSENTIAL.

Here’s how we know it is: literally why would medical professionals be SUING to keep DOING THEIR JOB DURING THIS SCARY TIME if it weren’t necessary!!