First we gotta touch on how the FBI is still trying to “both sides” anti-abortion terrorism. Yes you see “abortion violent extremism” is a whole subcategory of domestic terrorism (lol we can imagine the idiots at Operation Save America being like “Well the REAL violence is what they do at the clinics!” blah blah blah, shut the fuck up). BUT it’s on BOTH sides. Example for our side: 

Well anyway, moving on….

This sucks, but there are so many things that suck it would be weird for us to harp on it. EXCEPT to say that… man, the logical side, the right side, tries so fucking hard to be unbiased, to present both sides of the argument. We’re out here trying to be fair. And they’re just saying whatever bullshit they want and getting away with it! While we’ll list fact after fact they’ll be like “CNN is a bunk site anyway the moon is full of unicorns!!!!” and … it sucks. It sucks that the FBI can’t just state a fucking fact. That anti-abortion people are the violent ones. That they threaten clinics. That it gets scary. Instead they have to be like “this is for when anti-abortion people DRESS AS VULVAS. 

This whole “we can’t just state facts” thing becomes especially stressful with these won’t-go-away “born alive” bills because we can’t even have an HONEST CONVERSATION about them because we can’t even expect anti-abortion politicians to be NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS. We made a joke about the born-alive after abortion bills yesterday and someone asked us WHAT WE WERE AFRAID OF. WE’RE AFRAID OF HOW MUCH POWER YOU FUCKING IDIOTS GET TO SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Being “born alive” after an abortion… does not happen. It’s not a thing. If a healthy baby was born and left to die in the hospital… it would be considered murder. Plain and simple. That’s it. If a sick baby was born in a hospital (and like, this is NOT what would happen with an abortion) and had minutes to live, it might receive palliative care. We don’t even want to ENGAGE with these monsters about that because they’re so disgustingly anti-abortion that they refuse to have any kind of humanity to people who are going through probably the worst day of their life.

But anyway, West Virginia passed a “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” and like… it’s just so effing defeatist. Like part of us just wants them to pass this in every state so they’ll shut the fuck up about it EXCEPT 1. They’ll def find some way to make these bills still hurt parents whose children are dying and 2. They’ll def still find some way to add in some “also all abortion is banned trick” to these bills.

So we soldier on, combatants in the war for sanity, having to exist in a world where a bunch of people just passed a bill that basically just says “murder is still legal” and also where this bitch exists who thinks people SELL THEIR BORN BABIES ORGANS FOR FERRARI MONEY