Today we just want to talk about this incredible and devastating Rewire article ‘Not Dead Enough’: Public Hospitals Deny Life-Saving Abortion Care to People in Need. You’ve got to read the whole thing, even though it’s difficult, because it shows JUST HOW LITTLE pregnant people are given any autonomy over their own bodies… and their OWN FUCKING LIVES.

The first woman in this article knew she had a high risk for cardiac arrest if she carried her pregnancy to term, but because she was not IMMEDIATELY DYING THAT VERY MOMENT  the hospital wouldn’t help her.

It’s just so unbelievably cruel, these Catholic hospitals are so unbelievably cruel. How helpless are we supposed to feel, how much LESS important than the thing growing in our body, if our OWN LIFE is not something we’re allowed to fight for. If we’re meant to, the instant we conceive, become completely unimportant, just a host that can live or die as long as we bring a new life into the world.

Read the article then read all the fake ass language these “pro-lifers” spout when they try to pass bullshit heartbeat bills. HYPOCRITES will be hypocrites. And it’s so effing obvious.